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Apr 22, 2016 · Set up Find My iPhone on your iPhone, all you have to do is open the Settings app and tap on iCloud you may need to enter the password. Then, scroll. Aug 14, 2018 · 2. Find my iPhone Find my iPhone is the native solution provided by Apple to find iPhone location remotely. The service is a part of iCloud and is used to locate lost or stolen devices. Nevertheless, if you know the iCloud account credentials of your kids, then you can use this solution as well. To learn how to locate iPhone, follow these steps. Dec 17, 2018 · Step 1, Open Settings. It's a grey app with gears on it. Make sure that you're doing this on your child's iPhone.Step 2, Tap the Apple ID name card. This option is at the top of the Settings page.Step 3, Tap iCloud. It's in the middle of the screen. In order to follow your kids with your iPad or iPhone, sign-in under your account ID to the “Find My Friends” App on the viewing device and send an invitation request to “Allow you to follow” to the iCloud account ID, or email address on the target device.

Jun 19, 2018 · Select your son’s iPhone. Now you’ll be able to track your son’s exact location based on the GPS location pointed out in the map. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to track your son’s iPhone location without him knowing. However, unlike the previous Cocospy method, you would have had to physically access your son’s phone and install the Find My iPhone app into it. May 14, 2019 · If your answer was a passionate yes, then you should know how to legally track your child using your Android Phone. Keeping an eye on your children can be really hectic. While giving them smartphones at an early age can lead to them misusing their phones, these devices can also act as excellent trackers. However, if Find My iPhone is greyed out preventing you from toggling it back on, this is an Apple-related issue. To resolve this please follow the steps below, and verify if the issue has been resolved between each step. Dec 28, 2016 · How to Find Hidden Apps On Your Child’s Phone New year, new beginning: So why not start 2017 right when it comes to your knowing what apps your kids are actually using — including hidden apps as well. How to Monitor Your Child’s iPhone It’s an incredibly dangerous world out there nowadays. All you have to do is turn on the news and you’ll hear some of the more horrific news stories that, as parents, make you feel sick at the bottom of your stomach.

Nov 22, 2019 · If you lose your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or think it might be stolen, these steps might help you find it and protect your information. If Find My [device] is enabled on your missing device. You can use the Find My app to find your device, take additional actions to help you recover it, and keep your information safe. After you set up an Apple ID for your child, use the child's account when setting up the iPhone or iPod touch for them. Set Up the iPod touch or iPhone With the.

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